Rare jewels

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After being off and on homeless for 3 years, I had forgotten one important lesson. How to have fun. I had forgotten fun doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
Sunday I was supposed to go to church with a friend. But for whatever reason, when we got there we discovered it had been cancelled.
I got a wonderful surprise, they decided to show me a local antique flea market. There Continue reading ‘Rare jewels’


A new time for me………..come join me…….

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Great middle of the week everyone……

I have decided to freely write the types of things I am good at writing……..those things that get my pen to rolling……you know the things that set it afire! In doing so, I understand many may not agree with my posts. That’s fine, everyone is not meant to totally agree with me or see things my way. But, if I can get you to think, stir you to passion about something, then my writings are a success. One of the things I will be examining in these writings is the Church world, you know the body of Christ. This is NOT an attack on anyone, it is to open our eyes and to challenge the body of Christ to step up into what we are supposed to be doing.

Another is I plan on digging deeper into the homeless issue. I will be sharing things I have learned and experienced in my walk of homelessness and also in helping others.

Here you will get a taste of my writings, but, for the full picture, I will have my books released soon……with links of where you can pick them up at……..here is today’s post….

I had been visiting a church in the area. I thought about joining it. So I prayed and decided to met with the Pastor and First Lady before I did so. The Pastor told me its an application team you have to go through before you can join. Then he told me to call the First Lady to make an appointment to meet with them. For a whole week I called and texted her. She never got back with me. I saw her at Mcds the other day and asked her about it. Her response was, I’m terrible with returning calls. (She was on the phone then).She went on to give me one excuse after the other of why she was bad at returning calls.

       First when did we have to Starr putting in an application to join a church? Second we want the position but don’t want the responsibility that goes along with it. ..A First Lady is just as important a team member as the Pastor is. How a first lady carries herself, how she relates with the members. She is an example to the rest of the women in the church. She is also a(get this now, bout to make some mad),servant just like the Pastor is…Let’s get it together Body of Christ…


Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments………we will be examining many more things going on in the Body of Christ today……


Homeless Epidemic

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Homelessness has reached an all time high in America. From Christmas Eve of 2012 to the middle of February my youngest son and I were homeless. We lived from friends homes to hotel rooms. There was no room in any shelters in other cities and no shelter in the city we were in. The Social Services had a waiting list to pay for 30 days in the hotel and we were put on so many waiting list I lost count. At the hotels I witnessed so many families living there. Waiting for night to slip children into the room.
I was turned down for food stamps and any other help because the donations I received was considered income even though I had receipts. There are homeless families standing on street corners. The question is what are we going to do about it?

Homelessness, my journey series part 1

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2013-01-28 13.45.05Christmas Eve, it was official,

my son and I were homeless. We had been invited to come live with a family member I had just reconnected with. A chance to get to know each other, and hopefully make connections with family I hadn’t dealt with since childhood. A dream come true, or so I thought. In the almost 5 months there. we basically were held captive. I know, your wondering how in the world could I a grown woman be held captive in this day and time. I could have left any time I wanted. I know, I know, let me paint a little of this prehomeless picture for you.

The person, lived on 10 acres of land, so deep in the country, the nearest store was 30 minutes away, driving. The nearest city was an hour away driving. I didn’t have my drivers license as they had expired before I moved there, and thus no car of my own. We had made out goals for me before I moved there. One of those deals was, I would renew my license and get a job, so I could take care of my then 10 year old son. Sounds reasonable yes? Well, it didn’t happen, they didn’t like the fact that I didn’t allow them to control me, so as a way to punish me, you got it, no drivers license………….

So, I could only go where they went, when they allowed me. Thus the walls started to crumble………….I put my foot down, and explained to them, they were not allowing me as a mother to do what was needed to take care of my son. Of course, the wall crumbled, and I was notified as of Christmas Eve my son and I had to be gone. Now, with no way, how do you think I left? Them of course. I got online and sold some of my cds, books and got a commission to do one abstract painting……….thus, I got together enough money for 2 nights in a hotel. Not to their liking, but they then drove us 3 hours back to VA where they picked us up at, and dropped us off at a local hotel……………and left…………

Thus the beginning of my homeless journey……..in the following blogs, my hope is to share with you this journey, and the many things I have encountered and seen. I hope not to have one to pity or feel sorry for me and my son, but to open the eyes of how the homeless are treated, and some how bring some real light on this American Epidemic ………and hopefully some solutions to it……….please join me in the days to follow as I take you on this journey to where we are now…………..and beyond..

Morning (online meetings)

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First, good morning. I really didn’t want to get up 30 minutes early this morning so I could have time to write my blog., but I slowly dragged my body out of bed, and here I am. All ready to attack the topic of the day.

I was running around online yesterday and came across this nice little picture. There is so much truth in it. Not only have I seen people post Photoshopped pictures of themselves, but old pictures of themselves. Example. When I moved to Ohio around 5 years ago, I had been invited to move up by a female friend of mine I had meet online. Now mind you, we had known each other online, on phone for around 10 years. But, when I got off the bus, as I looked around I couldn’t find her. But, I did see this woman that looked like could be her mother, though I knew her mother lived in SC. She saw me and started walking to me, and when she introduced herself, yep, it was her. She looked about 10 years older than the picture she had up.

But, people don’t just photoshop their pictures, they photoshop their lives. She had me under the impression that she was dating black men, into BDSM, and half way dirt poor. When I got to her home, it was amazingly big, and I meet her very very white husband, and nope, he didn’t even know anything about BDSM. His income was at least $100,000 a month, and she was able to do whatever she wanted with her money. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there was anything wrong with the way they lived for them, but, when I found out, they didn’t hang around blacks at all, and I have black children…………….ummmm could have been some issues there, thankfully the worst thing that happened was we had to leave and go to the homeless shelter. 

My point is, be who you are online, as you are in the real world. If you are doing it in hopes of meeting that great person, special person in your life, if they can’t accept the real you, then they are not for you in the first place. If you are doing it because you are trying to hide something, trust me, it will come to light sometime any way.

Becareful when you are trying to meet someone. Always ask for names, research the person, not only in the city they say they live in, but the city and state they say they are from. Surrounding cities and counties. There is no harm in asking mutual online friends about them. If you meet them, always always let someone know where you are going send someone a picture of them, car information, time and place you are meeting. Most people are on the up and up, but, there are to many that are not, there is NO such thing as being too safe, men as well as women.

If you are ever in doubt, or your having that “something don’t feel right ” feeling, its best to listen, it could save your life.

I hope this helps someone, and have an awesome day!Image

Great Monday morning, rise and shine!

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Great and awesome Monday morning, this 15th day of October! A new day, a new week, off to a fresh start. I hope you have rested up from last week, got a fresh look. Now, I am supposed to be working out. I honestly tell you, I do NOT feel like doing it lol. But, after all that walking to get to the Race track this past weekend, all those steps up and down. I know I have got to push my self even harder to do so. SO, I have an awesome babysister, that is a pusher, so, I have made her my personal trainer. So shhhhhhhh, she is not up yet lol so I took this time to talk with you and work on a thing or two. I don’t know about you, but, I feel much better when I feel like I got something done. Gives me a sense of pride, and makes me feel like I can do even more. What do you do when there is something ahead of you that you don’t feel like doing? How do you handle it, or encourage yourself to do it? 

       I make rewards for myself, make goal list, such as day, week, and then monthly. It’s an awesome thing when I can look at that list and see the check by the things I finished. Another thing I do, that really helps me a lot, is I email a report of the day to someone. It makes me feel accountable. Not that they are my boss, but, to hear “wow, great job, you really did all that?” It may go back to my childhood and not having that with my parents. But, hey what ever works for you, that thing that makes you strive even harder.

          So, sitting here drinking my cupa coffee for the morning, making my list for the day before the house awakes, is so peaceful. Now, I’m about to be off and working on my book that was supposed to be due by last night…………”errrrrrrrrrr I’m never late”. Then checking my days goal list. Have an awesome day, rest well night, and I will see you in the next blog………………..

My journey through blog………..

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I decided, Facebook, Twitter and most of the well liked social sites, were all starting to get on my nerves. I felt I needed a place without all the distracts, that I could just write, but yet, people from all of those social sites could still read my work. So, here I started digging into all the different blog sits. I set up accounts on most of them, tried them, played around with them. The conclusion I came to, is you have to find the one that is right for you, so, here we are on wordpress.com. Welcome to Huniie’z Spot, my new spot to write and share. Please take a moment follow, like, and even comment. I would love to read you feed back. In these blogs, I may share some of my poetry, a page or two from a book I’m working on, or just my thoughts for what ever is going on in my brain at the moment. I will share quite a bit that’s going on in my life (though some feel I shouldn’t that haters will have reason to hate, not that I am concerned about any hate

So great morning, good evening, good night, which ever you are, and I pray you are blessed, healed, entertained, educated, by my blogs. I will share much of my life, and what’s happening with these blogs. I will try to blog every day at first, to catch everyone up and empty out. Then I will blog at least once a week. Also feel free to leave comments, and any suggestions or ideas you have about what you would like to see me blog about. Questions are also welcome. I will also be blogging about different artists, and groups/networks/businesses that grab my eye as well. So, let us blog away and see what happens…..in the mean time, take a walk, as I did through the woods enjoying nature, God’s awesome creation…….hugzzzzzzzzzzz and love someone ………… Huniie